About Us


My wife and I began in the cleaning business back in 1977 with my father and my siblings in the small area of Southwest Detroit. Pierce Brothers Cleaners grew as one of the first successful black family owned businesses in the city. After my father passed away, my siblings and I took over the business and immediately wanted to expand our services. We soon expanded our cleaning services to hospital curtains as well as tract installation. We formed contracts with:

  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Beaumont Hospital
  • McLaren Medical Center
  • Oakwood Hospital
  • Detroit Medical Center
  • Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland,OH)
  • St. John Health System

Around this time the window business was sky rocketing and PBC wanted a piece of the action! So my family and I received proper training in the window and blind field and once again expanded our services further. During the years, my wife and I had a vision of our own to make reality and that was owning and operating our own window company. So January of 2015, we packed up our teachings and experiences from over the years and branched off to form Unique Solutions Window Decor! Our goal reaches past just installing windows and blinds. We are a family-oriented company that offers the complete customer service experience from start to finish! Unlike most companies that come, complete the job and leave to never be seen again, Unique Solutions thrives off making relationship with each customer and keeping in touch even after the job is complete which is what sets us apart from the rest! We listen to our customers and work hard to make their vision reality in ways they could never imagine just as my father did with years ago!